Sunday, June 6, 2010


I wanted you to have a look at what I do every Tuesday during my middle class. Several months ago the school purchased a program called KMI. Each child is given a binder with a list of different boxes that they should work on. Inside the binder they will find a little book and then some kind of activity. They work through the book until they are done and then I will sign it off, assigning them a new box. Under each category of activity there are different levels of difficulty, going from 1 to 12, currently the 3 year olds are 1/2, 4- 4/5, and 5-9/10. When they finish all the boxes in the level they are working on they will go to the next level.
The kids really enjoy doing them, even those that do it everyday after school (remember education is super duper important over here!). Every Tuesday morning when I walk into class they will say "today we do KMI!!"




They each do their activity on a mat, to help keep their stuff all together (I have to check each box before it can be put away every time to make sure that we don't lose pieces)

Half of the boxes

The other part. I pull out the 3 year olds for them, some of them could find their own boxes but it would take too much time so it's just easier for me to find them all.



Alice P.

Fiona (being good and waving her hand when she was ready to show me the page instead of yelling "teacher, teacher" over and over)









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