Monday, November 8, 2010


(B)en's (B)YU (B)asketball (G)ame
Friday was Ben's Birthday and to celebrate we went to the BYU pre-season basketball game against BYU-Hawaii. It was a fun game, both teams seemed to be a little tired and not playing as well as they could be, but I still enjoyed it. Because it wasn't a season game only half the seats were filled, so though we were supposed to be sitting towards the top we moved down and sat on the 20th row!

Look at that awesome shot! (both his and mine :D)

Katrina wasn't being very helpful...I kept trying to take a picture and she wanted to make a silly face.

During the half-time they flew a blimp around the gym.

Kyle and I

Mommy and I :D

Oh and we did win!

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