Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grab that...snowflake?

Last week my roommates were getting ready to leave for their last intramural flag football game, I asked if I could go with them and watch. As we were driving towards the fields it began to slush a little but we weren't too concerned...

By the time we got to the fields and Janet/Anna put on their cleats it had started to look a little like this :D

And out of nowhere came this blizzard like one point I couldn't even see the players on the field it was falling so bad...completely awesome!

Candace and her brother Kevin coming to support the team too.

Finally it cleared and stopped snowing, thought it was still cold- poor Janet has no fat on her body so she was rather cold.

I really liked her pants :D

And the winning team! (they were undefeated for the whole "season"!)
Last night was their first game in the tournament---they won in overtime with 2 points! So excited for next week when they play again!

It hasn't snowed since that game and I hope that it won't again for awhile (my personal prediction/hope is that it'll stay warm until January, only be cold for the month and then turn into spring :D)

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