Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Car Show

Another life first...a Car Show! Again I heard about it on the radio, I asked Derek if he was going, his response..."Heck Yes!" There were a lot of beautiful cars that made me want to move into them and never leave. I don't think that I have ever been so near (and inside) of so many nice, new, and expensive cars. Derek* and Junior were is car heaven, Liz, Kayla, and I saw a lot of nice cars but probably couldn't have told you the difference between every single car the way Derek could have. They had this cool thing where you could ride in Jeeps and they drove you through these courses, there was one part where you were almost on the right side--I thought that I was going to fall on Derek and he was worried about falling through the open window, luckily we all had our seat-belts on.

*He may have gone back again a second time a couple of days later and called me super excited because he had gotten to drive two really nice cars (Dodge Charger---one of his dream cars and something else) and got to floor it so they were going somewhere around 70-80mph. 

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