Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monster Truck Jam

January was full of firsts, the biggest would be the MONSTER TRUCK JAM!! I had heard a little bit about it on the radio and thought that it sounded like fun and was talking to Derek about it was something that we should think about doing. When tickets came up for $10 on CityDeals (instead of the $33 that they were supposed to be) we jumped on it and started to invite some friends that we thought would want to join us. 
I find it kind of funny that I grew up in what our county considered the hillbilly (this isn't the right word but I can't grab it out of my brain, it's right there on the edge) part, so many people drove trucks, wore jeans and boots, plaid shirts and and even some in high school wore suspenders. It was funny because this totally seemed like something that I would have done growing up but somehow I waited until I was in my 20's living in very modern non-hillbilly feeling Utah.
The show was so much fun, I was a little nervous when the trucks and motorcycles were flying through the air but I got used to it and was just screaming and cheering. 

I love love this picture, it was perfect.

This truck did an awesome run and then right at the end it died, I somehow missed it but Kayla said it had flames coming out at the end. Because it died it had to get tractor towed out. 

At one point Derek, Caleb, and Liz disappeared. I get a text from Derek with a picture of Kayla and I. He somehow has skill and sent it three times...he thought that I wouldn't be able to find them but I did :)
(I removed the picture as I realized that it had Derek's full name on the picture and didn't think that was the best thing to post)

If you like country music you will know the song Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith and this will mean more. Mostly thought this picture was for Derek because he couldn't grab a very good picture of it. 

There was a family that was sitting in front of us, at one point the Mom got up to take a picture of her family, I offered to take one with all of them in it--she was extremely grateful and offered to take one for us in return. When she offered we weren't all there but right at the end before everyone left we grabbed a few, I find the progression of the faces through these three pictures. 
Kayla, Me, Derek, Liz, Caleb, Jenni, and Jaxon

It was a great night with all of us stuffed in a mini van to and from the activity, lots of laughter and singing. I can't wait until next month when we are going to a motocross event!

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