Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Those Who Keep Me Sane

I often feel like I don't do much, besides work and school. Luckily I have some that make things happen in my life and help keep my brain from completely exploding (and lets be honest they keep me laughing pretty much 110% of the time). There are more (Kayla, Tristen, Broccoli--aka Josh, Cauliflower--aka Caleb) that help but these two are definitely the two that I talk to everyday and make life great. My life has always been full of great friends, those who have helped me right when I need to be and I'm extremely grateful for that and them. 

Last night we went to Trafalga Orem to do the XD theater, WinCo for snacks for me (and whilst I was having a panic attack when I couldn't find my wallet Derek was great and stepped in paid for everything and Liz was coming up with solutions on how to find where my wallet might be), and to Spoon It Up for yummy frozen yogurt. Our night was full of laughter, off the wall comments and just lots of plain fun. 

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