Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Next Little Old Lady

Today I feel like an old grandma waddling around. I should probably get my cane out and I would feel more the part.
Last night the weather got pretty bad, it was snowing and the roads became very slick very quickly. I was at work hosting a couple of parties when 2-3 different cars slid into others because they weren't gaining any traction, apparently hilly parking lot+ice/snow does not equal good things for other cars. We hadn't realized how bad it was outside but as soon as we did we quickly went outside to put ice melt on the roads.
When we got outside there was a car that was stuck and trying to get out. It was a group of 3 girls driving and they were in a rental car so of course they were overly concerned about sliding into another car (the one right in front of them was one that had already been hit once), so Derek and I put a bunch of ice melt around their car to hopefully help grab some reactions and prepared to push them, unfortunately for me I already have problems staying up without adding ice so the second time we pushed I slid and landed right on my hip. We were able to get them out of there safe fully without anything else happening to them or us.
We were still shoveling and ice melting when the owner of another car came out ready to leave. They asked if I would be willing to go to the entrance of the parking lot and let them know if there were cars coming in case they were to start sliding and unable to stop, they luckily got out fine but I slid again :(
I had many other close calls to falling, hence my very sore body today. If anyone sees the lady wobbling down the sidewalk, don't worry about it, it's probably just me :)

Interesting Fact: We put out over 150 lbs of ice melt and in doing so I discovered that it turns your hands very green.


  1. Frances - I hear ya about being sore, I slipped and landed on my bum twice this morning on the way to the train station...can you say bruised tailbone.

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