Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Ride Thru June

The beginning of June brought my new clip pedals for my bike, I was super excited to get them in the mail but as I mentioned in a previous post I haven't yet put them on my bike. I'm excited to try them but super nervous at the sametime, I've seen/heard of too many people crashing and I already have balance problems.  

June brought a super exciting time...Little Red! Friday afternoon I got off work a little early and went and picked up Kayla. We then headed north to Lewiston where we had purchased the dinner. It was then a bit of an adventure finding Sallee's friends house but we got there and talked a little bit about the plans for the next day and then headed to bed (with the hopes of getting lots of sleep...I'm not sure that that happened for any of us). We got started a little later than we were wanting Saturday morning and I felt like I was going to be sick at the beginning (I get really bad nerves with anything like this). 

 Each of the rest stops were well stocked! 

 At one stop we discussed if we were going to make it to the 100 miles (there was a certain time cut off that you had to be to 70 miles in order to continue on and do the 100). I knew that Kayla and Sallee really wanted to push for it but I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up the speed that was necessary to make it so I told them to push forward without me and go for the 100. I apparently had a much different experience then them. I stopped at the lunch spot where it was like a giant party going on, I looked around and saw some people sleeping and I heard about people stopping and taking selfies. While I was at the lunch spot Kayla's parents and brother came and stopped by to say hi. It was so nice to have someone come and cheer us on! 

I figured that I had a couple of hours before Kayla and Sallee were going to be back so I wasn't going to go full speed, I didn't really feel like killing myself. After the lunch spot it kind of felt like non-stop hills, I spent a lot of the time telling myself that I could do hard things to make it up the hills but I did it! There was some beautiful views! 

 I was about 8 miles from the end when I was suddenly done. Not only was I don't but I was angry and questioning why I was even doing what I was doing, I felt like if there was a support vehicle that came by I was going to just ask them to take me back. I said a small prayer to help me finish and have a better attitude. The next thing I knew I came to a group that I waited with to cross a road, this other lady said we should be almost done, one of the other ladies started going off about how we better be because she was done (and she had done the 50 miles). I realized that I must have sounded ridiculous in my head if I sounded anything like her and that I needed to get a better attitude. It still was hard but I am so glad that I finished! 

 When I got home my Mom had mentioned that Libbey was feeling pretty miserable and she thought that she was going to be having the baby any day, so Sunday I decided that I was going to make dinner for everyone. Mom and I quickly made a delicious menu and even had some cute decorations (not bad for me deciding Sunday afternoon that I was going to do it...luckily we had the food to complete the menu). 

Big News from June!!! I got a new car!!
 I had been thinking about it for awhile going back and forth when Derek got a new Mazda6. He and I talked all about why and how he had decided to do it, I did some other reading and went to Mazda to just look at the options that I had and decided to get one. I loved my old car but I'm super happy with my choice of new car! 

 There was an Asian festival in Sandy that I went to one Saturday, it was fun to see the different representatives from Taiwan and other countries and the things that they shared. 

 Sometimes I'm impressed with my pictures :)

 We had some fun Hawaiian stuff for the kids to dress up with, they felt that I needed to dress up too. 

 Yep I'm in there :)

 Kyle was here for his birthday. He always has fun recipes to try and asked that I make a vanilla buttercream using reall vanilla beans. I was sooooo super excited, I've always wanted to make something with a whole vanilla bean. 

 Do you see the specks of vanilla bean!? So pretty! 

 Kyle and Sonia's birthdays are a week apart and because she had been in Canada for her actual birthday we sang to both of them. 

The falls going up Provo Canyon. I thought they looked gorgeous one evening when Kayla and I went biking.  

 This made me laugh, during Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days people started laying out their stuff for the parade almost a week before the parade. I didn't think that it was that big of a parade. One day I was feeling very much in a bratty mood and wanted to go and rearrange everyone's stuff (don't worry I was good and didn't). 

 Sonia and I went up to the Saturday market in Salt Lake one Saturday and got some yummy fruit and pastries. 

 We had a family dinner with some of the Landry's. It was the day before Jonathan's birthday so I asked what he would like. He/Naomi requested Chocolate Lava Cake, it was something that I've always thought would be fun to try so I jumped on the opportunity. 

 While we were eating dinner there was a knock at the door. When I went to answer it there was a sister from my ward who handed me this and walked away. It was so unexpected and greatly appreciated as it was something that I been thinking about lately. 

 The end results of Chocolate Lava Cake...super good but too rich for me, even with the ice cream. 

 Kayla and I had a FHE activity one night where we went to the park nearby and played frisbee PIG (similar to Baskeball PIG but with frisbee). 

 I tried taking newborn pictures of Kiera one night, that beautiful little girl does not know that she is only barely more than a month old. She wiggled so much and had opinions about everything that I did!

 Mom and I went on a drive with Libbey and Sophie and saw these cute ducklings with their mommy. 

 Watching the parade for Lehi Round-Up (Ben was in charge of the float for their ward so Mom and I went and supported him). 

 So crazy and a bit scary with how hot it has been lately!

My newest "baby!" Derek's dad had an extra (or two) grills and offered me one of them. I've cooked a couple of things on it already and am enjoying learning new techniques/skills (I definitely have more learning to do though!). 

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