Sunday, July 26, 2015

May Day

It's a good thing for pictures...I used to be such a consistent blogger and journaler but now I'm so terrible. Without pictures I probably couldn't have told you a thing that I did in May (oops!). 
I love baby snuggle time! I can't believe how big Spencer is already getting. 
I did my hair again in May, we did I think what Brea called was a sombre. She added some bleach to parts but not all the way from the roots. It's funny because in the last 3 days I've had 5+ people comment on my hair asking if I just did it. I was trying to decide if I wanted to get it done the last couple of weeks, I guess the comments are going to stop me for awhile from doing it again. I haven't seen this much of my natural hair color I think since high school. 

Ben and Sonia's chickens were sadly attacked by dogs and they got some new baby chicks to replace them. Mom and I played with them one evening. 

With May comes Cinco De Mayo. I brought in a bunch of different Mexican foods to work for the kids to try and we talked about the reasoning behind the celebration of Cinco De Mayo and then we did this pinata, isn't it the cutest little thing? 

The kids were making me hit myself at work one day while I was trying to send someone a snapchat, they thought that it was the most hilarious thing in the world. 

Over Mother's Day Weekend Libby, Erick and gang went camping and invited Mom and I to join. We were a little slow in deciding if we were going or not and by the time we did all of the cabins were filled so Mom and I got to camp out in the car. 

I was so jealous of the guys beside us. They were a group of 3 best friends that come together once a year for a guys weekend. They bring their side by side and dirt bikes and just go riding all weekend long with each other. How fun is that!? 

To have money like that! 

Again as I mentioned in my Bryce Canyon post, the beauty of this earth is amazing! I hope that we can all slow down more to appreciate it. 

I hiked most the way with Alexia. She was so proud of herself that she went all the way up by herself and she didn't stop very much either. She even had parts where she wanted to run. I was quite proud of myself as well because Lexie and I were at the front of everyone the whole time, I never thought in my life that I would want to hike/enjoy it and be one of the ones at the front. So how much change there has been in my life and physical health/abilities. 

After a fun day of hiking and afternoon swimming it was time for dinner! Of course I didn't get a picture of that but we also went to this place where they had great ice cream shakes, so refreshing and yummy. 

Continuing on with my food truck obsession Kayla and I went and got dinner one night when the food truck roundup was in Lehi. We tried two new places, Mad Mac (the BEST macaroni and cheese that I have ever had...I had the Calavera Mac and Kayla had the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni) and for dessert we got La Table Crepes, they honestly weren't my favorite but that could have been the combination as well. 

I finally got some biking shoes in May. They were having a sale at REI and they were 25%. I cannot believe what a difference having good shoes makes! Biking shoes are firmer and they offer better support. I love the colors on them too and the fact that they match my bike :) I've purchased the clips I just need to get brave enough now to actually put them on my bike/shoes. 

Kayla, Derek, and I went to Alan Jackson in concert at the USANA Ampitheater. It was a very wet night but it was still fun. (I've never seen so many different ponchos/rain jackets!)

The Payson Temple had their open house in May and then the dedication. I was lucky to get to go with Libbey, Erick, Jacob, Alexia, Sophie, Kayla, and some of Kayla's family. The Temple was so beautiful. We are so blessed to have so many Temples on the Earth today (and more continually being built/announced). I need to work on attending more often than I do. 

One of the little girls at work had her birthday and brought in cupcakes. It just happened to be the same day as Kayla's (and she was in Washington) so I took a picture to send her so that she still got a birthday cupcake. 

Brea and I went up one afternoon to finally get to meet Leah's twins when they came home. They were so adorable and it was so interesting to see them lined up with Spencer. 

The beautiful view on a Sunday ride. 
My first time wearing the new shoes. I couldn't believe that my feet didn't hurt even though I was breaking in new shoes. 
I did a long ride one Saturday afternoon by myself and I passed by these, they didn't even seem to care that I was there. 

We got our stuff in the mail for Little Red. I was so incredibly excited and couldn't believe that it was coming up!

I think that this was the first ever high school graduation that I attended that wasn't my own or siblings (of course I look at Josh like a little brother). It was so very different from my own graduation because of the size in schools. It seemed like the students went on and on forever. I can't imagine having that large of a graduating class/high school. 

I was sent to get a kiddie pool at WalMart for work one week. I had purposly brought Mom's car so that it would still didn't. Jenn had to come rescue me with the van and pick it up. 

More gorgeous views on bike rides. 

This just made me laugh...awesome tan lines after riding one Saturday. 

Mom and I went on a Sunday drive up to Cascade Springs. These pictures don't do the area justice. 

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