Friday, August 1, 2008

The Uneventful Day....

Nothing much new to report today, except that earlier this morning I broke a chair in the preschool, I was sitting in one of the little kid chairs when all of a sudden I started to sink in the back and then fell into some tables that were folded up leaning against the wall, luckily Teacher Jane saved me and later during another class Teacher Michelle sent over a better chair for me.

I did encounter my first “bug,” tonight, as I was coming out of the bathroom I threw my towel down on top of my clothes to dry my feet and a bug came scuttling out of underneath them. I was not too impressed to see him, he went under my door, I quickly grabbed my shoe and followed him. He didn’t stand much of a chance coming into my apartment, (PICTURE). I don’t know what he was and don’t really care to know either, I would be just fine if I don’t have to encounter any of him again (but I doubt that, that will happen). I have also been told to expect lizards, they like to visit us on the wall- have yet to see one but I am sure that you will know when I do. I told Natalie that she would be sure to “hear” when I see one :D. Now after seeing that bug and talking about the bugs I feel like there are creepy crawlies all over me.....

Well it was GOING TO BE a uneventful day but this morning at 3am we had an earthquake! It wasn't big, 5.0 but it kind of shook me up for a moment as I hadn't heard of Taiwan having earthquakes. When it first happened I thought that maybe I had been dreaming so I just laid there for awhile but then I soon heard the other two teachers talking and I asked them if we had just had a earthquake, they told me that we had. So the adventures have definitely begun!!
If you are interested more in the earthquake, here is a link about it- it was actually centered only 10 miles outside of Hualien, pretty darn close if you ask me!

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