Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couple Names...

with a Hollywood Twist. So today I was talking with my mom on the phone (I know, I know surprise, surprise) and we were talking about how my brother and sister-in-law were going home to Oregon to visit my mom and dad and at one point I called them Natallee, my mom didn't really get it so I had to explain to her that in Hollywood they combine the couples names to make then we continued to do all the couples in our family and a few more.

Ben + Sonia = Benonia
Nathan + Sallee = Natallee
Libbey + Erick = Librick
Joel + Becky = Beckel
Gary + Sharon = Garon
Erin + J.J. = Jerin
Brea + Darrell = Barrell

Not all of these were my mom's favorites but I thought that they were funny.


  1. yes!!! I remember this...we were laughing so hard when you started coming up with Charissa and Dustin's and Darrell and Brea's you make me laugh