Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eating on the Job

Well I started my new job this week doing custodial at the Clyde Building (for now) and then will eventually be moving permanently into the Fletcher Building. So far this week all I have seen is this:
a lot of wax stripper chemicals (mouth very dry because of this all the time)

Razer blades and more blades switching them out several times.

And safety goggles that we are supposed to wear but really none of us do, mine even has a special name tag with my name (of course) and pretty little flowers that I drew :D
So if you can't tell we have been stripping wax off the floors, just stairwells right now. With the chemicals we have to use we spray it on the ground and then have to wait 10-15 minutes while it does its stripping magic, while I was waiting for one particular batch I was staring at a the microwave that is right below us when this guy came up to it with a bunch of food.
He began first with a huge scoop of peanut butter (like double the size of the picture) and then added some honey to the bread and made himself a peanut butter and honey sandwich..I was thinking yum that looks good, but then....

He pulls out a can of green split pea soup and some corn, opens them up and puts them in a dish to heat them up. Midway through the heating process he pulled it back out of the microwave and mixed it with his spoon (which still had peanut butter on it) and then proceeded to lick the spoon with peanut butter and split pea soup. When everything was done heating he pulled it out and then dipped, yes DIPPED his peanut butter sandwich in the SPLIT PEA SOUP! Can you say ewwwww? Now nobody can ever say that my eating habits are weird compared to that...

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  1. That is hilarious -- thanks for a good laugh during a stressful day at work.