Sunday, March 15, 2009

Goodness in the Face of Evil

As I am sure many of you know, today the TV station HBO broadcast on their show 'Big Love' some of the things that I as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hold most sacred. This morning while I was reading an article I saw a link to something entitled "Mormons Mad at Big Love," I followed the link and read their article and then the following comments, as I continued down the comments page I began to feel sad for that that were commenting and I began to lose a little bit of hope, as at one point there was even a comment that used a very offensive cuss word towards me, as a member of the LDS church. I was almost ready to close the tab when I saw some comments that made me want to cry at their sincerity and how they may not agree with what I belief but they believe that what HBO is doing wrong. I would like to just share a couple of the comments that gave me hope in others..

*Showing Mormon rituals goes against all common decency. It doesn't matter if we think the Mormon church is wrong…it doesn't matter if they got the rituals from the Masons. Why do we have to belittle something that someone else considers sacred? Sure, they voted for Prop 8, but it's not because they hate us…it's because they disagree with us on this point. It was on the ballot…people have the American right to vote however they want, but promoting bigotry makes us hypocrites. I'm ashamed of most of the comments here.

*It is so funny how many of the gay/lesbian population scream and cry when they are misunderstood, misrepresented or mistreated. However, there is no problem with ridiculing and disrespecting people with alternative beliefs and lifestyles. The ceremonies that occur in Mormon temples are not secret. In fact, I believe they open up their temples to the public when they are first built. I do have a respect for things that are private and sacred. Why make public something that many may not understand and allow it to be trashed and mocked. It is the same concept. If you truly study the history of religion you will find that there are many traditions and teachings that they continue to follow. Bottomline, you demand respect and tolerance for your lifestyle and way of living, that is all that these people seek too.
(I wish that she had not compared it to the gay/lesbian population because I am sure that by her doing so will put her comments down a step in many people's minds)

* Portraying practices sacred to any religion in the way that HBO plans on portraying the practices of Mormons, is wrong. Presenting information in an inaccurate light before an audience of uninformed people is quite appauling.HBO intends to present things about the Mormon church in a "controversial" "weird" "abstract" "to be questioned" "secret" way. As if to provoke viewers into a dislike, or oddity of the mormon religion. Instead of recognizing, that ceremonies and services practiced by the mormons are sacred to them, and holy. Not to be cast about and thrown around for question.People are stupid, in plain terms. It's hypocritical of the Gay community to shut down complaints, offenses, and etc from members of the LDS religion, when ALL the Gay community does is complain, and be offended, and etc.If anyone wanted to know TRUTHS presented in the CORRECT light about the Mormon church, it is not a SECRET- you can go right onto the church's website, .Nothing is "secret" there are just some things about the religion that are SACRED.As for "ex-mormons" posting around here, Shame on you. That's so small of you, and so pathetic. Good luck.

But I think better than any of these comments is the official statement from the church's first presidency, I love how they can say things so eloquently...when I read their statements and follow their council I know that they are called of God and that they are meant to be the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during this time. You can see their statement here. And like the comment above said if you want to learn more please go to or contact your local missionaries.

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