Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The day Mom and I were returning to Oregon we were just finishing up packing all of my stuff into the van and were getting ready to head up to Salt Lake to meet Nathan so that he could take us to the airport. I was just about to climb into the driver seat when I looked up and saw Janene, my boss from the Clyde Building, her husband and son walking towards my house-they waved to me and told me to wait. They had come to say good-bye to me and bring me a gift and card from the crew that I had worked with.
It was so kind of them to come over and bring me a gift, I know that my boss felt bad about having to let me go, but I understand her position at the same time... I felt really blessed to have been able to work at the Clyde Building and work with the crew that I did. I will always remember the memories from working with them.

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