Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Walk of Life

Tuesday night at Girls Camp I was asked to participate in the fireside, they were doing a walk of faith/walk to the tree of life. We began when it had turned dark, the girls were blindfolded and were put into groups of 10-14 and lined up on a rope. There was an adult leader at the front and another one in the back. I was asked to be at the end of one of the ropes.
We led the group through the dark forest and then around the lake, down a set of stairs, passed a group of tent moms who whispered things to the girls like "you suck, you're not going to make it, I don't even know why you are trying," anything to discourage the girls from continuing on. I was so impressed with our group, as soon as they heard the mom's whispering the discouraging things they began to sing "Walk Tall Your A Daughter," I wasn't sure if the leader at the front had started them or if they had started by themselves, I found out later that the girls had started it themselves- what a good feeling to know that the girls growing up are a strong group.
We then continued on to the great and spacious building where all the YL's were having a dance party and tried to get the girls to come and join them (they were allowed to take their blindfolds off when we stopped at the building), then we continued walking and passed another group where they tried to tempt them away from the rope (iron rod) to get snacks, and finally we arrived at the tree of life (how beautiful it was to around the corner and see the tree lit up with lights--I wasn't blindfolded so I was able to see it).
Some interesting perspectives that I was able to see as we were walking: it was interesting as we came around the corner and could hear the girls yelling, screaming, and playing music at the great and spacious building I realized that somethings in our life are very noticable and we are able to see/hear them coming long before we reach them, we are also able to notice if we let go of the iron rod. But also sometimes there are things that we cannot see/hear coming, that might take us away from the iron rod- like the holes in the ground as we were walking...we don't always know what is going to happen in our life. It was also amazing to watch the girls faces as they took off their blindfolds and noticed the lit up tree, Haley (one of the YL's) then passed out fruit to each of the girls and bore her testimony of the gospel and how important it can be in our lives.
I wasn't quite sure why I was helping but in the end I was so grateful that I had been asked to help, you can't always predict the spritual growth you will receive from helping.

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