Monday, July 6, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding...The Reception

After pictures at the Temple I headed home with Mom and Momma G, Momma G had to get home to finish setting up for the reception and Mom and I just wanted to be home for a little bit before rushing off to the reception where we knew that we would be for several hours. The reception was held in the gym in the Newport church building, I helped decorate Thursday night and thought that it turned out beautiful and classy looking, with not too much.

After they had a short ring exchange ceremony (a lot of both of Brea's parents families are not LDS, they chose to have one so that their families could feel a little more part of the wedding.), they cut the cake that was beautifully decorated by someone from the stake. It was funny, on Thursday night Brea and Darrell "practiced" cutting the cake (there wasn't a cake there...they used a scarf in the shape of a circle :D) so that they could do it right during the reception.

After they cut the cake they had their first dance as a married couple, they had also practiced their dancing on Thursday night--they did many dances that I would have been afraid if Brea had done them in her wedding dress...luckily they didn't do them at the reception, but they did dance beautifully.


I told Darrell to warn me when he was going to dip her, so that I could catch it on camera...he wasn't very good at warning me but still somehow I caught a picture of it :D

Originally Brea wasn't going to dance with her Dad, but then when she finished her first dance with Darrell she convinced him to dance with her. It was fun to be able to watch one of my "second" Dads as he watched his little girl becoming a grown married woman.

When Brea and Darrell finished their single dance all the other couples from the ward started to dance also, it was kind of fun to watch all of these couples that I had grown up with as "the parents" generation let loose a little and dance with each other.

Brother and Sister Woolley, another set of adopted parents

One of Darrell's brothers dancing with his daughter

Another Darrell brother with his Mom...I couldn't believe how much Darrell and his brothers all looked alike.

The Cowies were fun...the little boys wouldn't really let their Mom and Dad dance by themselves.

The Mangums...ahh, how cute :D

This is almost what Brea and Darrell wante to would have been a little more difficult and scary with Brea in her wedding dress.

I love catching people in different expressions, you can see how happy Wanda is with the result of the day.

Me with the happy couple...we joked that it looks almost like Brea is trying to pull away from Darrell--I hope not they hadn't even completed Day 1 of marriage :D

The gift table

The sign-in table

A close up on the table...notice the beautiful page that Wanda made for people to sign-in on, it will go in the scrapbook that Brea made.

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