Monday, July 6, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding...The Temple

A little over a week ago one of my best friends made the choice to be sealed for time and all eternity, what an opportunity to be part of her special day. I ended the day with some mixed feelings, I was so excited for Brea and Darrell but a little sad at the same time. These few pictures are from Mom's camera.

"The girls" (well minus Brea that is) feet... Lindsey W., Jessica, Leah, and I. I was kind of showing it but we were all wearing bracelets that Brea gave us the night before her wedding, her new sister-in-law made them for us.

Kimmy wearing her necklace that Brea's new sister-in-law made for her as the Maid of Honor.

Some fun pictures of the "siblings" Tyler, Kimmy, and Corbin.

Tyler and Corbin being brothers.

Corbin and his girlfriend Brittney, I didn't get to talk to her very much but she seemed really nice.

We were super excited that we were able to find dresses that all matched and that were pretty close to Brea's colors. Jessica's and Leah's are the same and mine is a little bit different...personally I like mine the best :D

Me sitting on the bench waiting for Brea and Darrell to come out of the Temple, it was about here that a little bit of my mixed feelings came out.

Christiana--the photographer and Leah waiting for the happy couple to come out.

A snap shot of me that Mom got.

Mandy was so fun to see her and see how much she has NOT changed, I can't believe that it has been so long since I have seen her.

The beautiful boutonnieres that Brea's aunt made...Brea's aunt did such a wonderfully job and the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!

Brea's bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets.

Momma G talking with others while waiting for the couple.

Grandma Blankeship...the Grandma of the Happy Bride

Leah was lucky and got the assignment of putting the boutonnieres on all the brothers, dad's, and grandparents- it was very entertaining watching her try and do it...she was afraid that she was going to stab Corbin.

Kimmy watching as Momma G showed Leah how to put on the first boutonniere.

Tyler got to be the first victim that had his boutonniere on, Momma G kindly showed Leah and everyone else how to put them on correctly.

Another view of Tyler having his boutonniere put on...luckily no blood was drawn (this time) :D

(Kimmy probably will kill me for this picture :D)...Gran (Brea's Great Grandma) and Kimmy caught mid talking.

Oh how are we so lucky to catch these amazing pictures of Kimmy?

Grandad (Brea's Great Grandpa), her cousin, and Gran patiently waiting.

Leah, Lindsey and I pulling out the flowers getting ready to pass them out to everyone.

Leah...the only one that ever seems to notice that the camera is facing her.

The Mother of the Bride is coming...that means that they are COMING!

The first glimpse of them!

They are getting closer!

Oh they look so beatiful and happy!

Ahh...they kissed!

Look how beautiful and happy she is, seeing her makes it so real and makes me so happy for her.

Family pictures...I know how difficult it is to get them all together :D

Pictures with both sets of parents.

Before we left Mom wanted to take a couple pictures of me where she had taken Libbey's pre-mission pictures.


  1. What great pictures! And look amazing!! I love that dress. It's a great color on you. I'm glad you took so many pictures. I've heard a lot about Brea, so I'm glad I could see pictures of her wedding.

    I miss you!!

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