Saturday, October 30, 2010


Mandy and Jamie's wedding is coming up soon (less than 4 weeks!) and so getting her announcements done have been a top priority. Last week Wanda, Brea, Addi, and I headed up to my Mom's and spent the day there working on getting as much done as possible.

Brea working hard at gluing the info sheet into the burgundy card.

Cards all folded up with the info sheets glued in.

The pretty little R's with jewels on them!

Parts all divided up and bagged to make it easier when it came time to put them together.

Cute Addi---she had her Halloween costume on but we took it off while she was sleeping.

More work. We had ran out of some pieces and so Wanda and my Mom ran to get them at the store, we had hopped to have everything done by the time they got back but it didn't happen.
As of last night Mandy said that more than half of the announcements were all tied, put together, and labeled! Look forward to getting your announcement soon!

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