Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun On A Wave

One of the perks of working at Trafalga is that I get to have a free Pass of All Passes which includes getting to go to Seven Peaks as many times as I would like to without having to pay. I also get some free day passes to share with friends and family. Two weeks ago when Kyle was here I had Friday off and we decided to go to Seven Peaks. We invited Libbey and kids plus my friends Erin and Brea (plus their babies). We all met up and had a comfortable spot in the shade and had a fun day until it was nap time and time for work.

Allisyn all ready to hit the water again (she even had the sunscreen out and ready for someone to help her :D)...P.S. that swimsuit she is wearing? I gave it to "her" the day after she was born.

Erin looking all cute and smiley. I missed her so much while they were in New York and it was so much fun to see her again and catch up.

Addie-Bug, poor baby we accidently put the wrong sunscreen on her and with the water it got into her eyes...they were a little red :(
Kyle, it was kind of a long day for him---he had some dental work done a few days before that and was a little bit drugged up.


Allisyn was so funny! I had brought a bag of goldfish to share with everyone, it was in my lap and I kept on giving her a couple at a time. I looked away for a few seconds and looked back to find the bag was out of my lap and in hers instead. The best part was at the beginning she would just sit and watch as Lexie and Addie would get goldfish out of the bag but she quickly got over her "shyness" and grabbed them herself :)

My HOTT sister :)

Jacob got a little cold every time after they got out of the water. Good thing he had Aunt Lily to help warm and dry him up.

Our "spot." I hadn't realized how much space we were taking up until we all got up to leave.

We took some pictures of the girls all together and their moms as soon as they were done Addie and Alli decided that they wanted to walk down to me.

We went on the lazy river and both Addie and Alli fell asleep...if only my life was that easy.

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  1. Love the pictures! But do you have the pictures of the three moms and three babies?