Monday, August 15, 2011

Arrrggg Me Matey's

August 2nd is my nephew Jacob's birthday...he turned 5 (how did that happen??!!) I can't believe that is he getting so big! This year Jacob got to have a friend party and Libbey went all out with awesomeness for him! It was a pirate party and so much fun :)

When they first got there they got to make pirate hats and eye-patches (with special help from Uncle Nathan and Grandma).

Even little Lexie got to have her own pirate hat.

Lib made a cute ship cake, the cupcakes had things like sharks, treasure chests, and other cool stuff on them.

There was an awesome story they got to hear (written a couple of months ago by the birthday boy himself).


They had to walk across the plank to the pirate ship.

The ship had a hole and was quickly filling up with water, the pirates had to race to save their ships and other pirates.

There was even a treasure map!

Of course there had to be some front jumping (love the smile on Claire's face)

You couldn't have a post and not have a cute picture of Miss Lexie :)

Searching for the treasure (Libbey even had a treasure chest full of the candy bags buried in the sandbox---sorry the pictures are on my Mom's camera).

It was such a fun party and the kids had a blast...a sign of a good party :)

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