Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lunch of Awesomeness!

Something that amazes me is that even though we don't all see each other everyday or all talk all the time whenever we get together it's like we haven't been apart. I love that we continually are a part of each others lives and that I will always have friendships from growing up. Lindsey was visiting from Idaho and so we all joined up for lunch in Orem. It was Mandy and Jamie's suggestion--a really yummy, cheap Mexican restaurant, we all felt like we were back at Mazatlan in Newport.

Mandy and Jamie...I can't believe that they have almost been married a year---oh how time flies!

The bros--Darrell and Clark

Cutie-pie Addie who thought she was one of the big kids and felt that she should be part of it all.

Lindsey and I...her hair looks awesome with the new color and extensions!

What under Addie, Brea, and I looked like as we were getting up from the table.

The whole group...Darrell, Clark, Jamie, Mandy, even Lance joined us, Lindsey, I, Addie, and Brea!

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