Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gel Toes

Sarah and I decided that we wanted to go to Dallas Roberts and get something done, originally we had planned on getting scalp treatments (which if you have never done..DEFINITELY SHOULD!), but Sarah had her extensions in so she didn't really want to have anything done with her hair, but when I told her that they do glitter/gel toes she got really excited and decided that, that was what we were going to do. She got gold glitter and I got a strawberry-red glitter, super cute..and of course it was made so much more fun because Leah and Brea did them for us!

*Note...these are going to be backwards because I am too lazy to move them all around :D*
The end result of our beautiful toes!
white flip flop: Brea,
grey flip flop: Sarah,
white shoe: Leah (Brea did Leah's toes)
black flip flop: ME!

Leah stole me camera and decided to take my picture.

Leah gets a little silly sometimes (like this picture), she decided to model the glitter that we used and then my completed toe.

I was looking at something and Leah was like "Beth I'm modeling for you!"

After she noticed that I was taking her picture she had to do a nice one where she was just smiling.

When she first noticed that I was taking pictures.

Pretty Sarah

My toes are being embossed, haha!

Jessica hung out with us while she was waiting for a friend to come.

Brea and Sarah

I am not sure if Brea was being funny or she wasn't happy with me taking the picture, who knows.

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