Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leah's Birthday Celebration

Leah's 21st Birthday (ahhh) was on the 13th of May, she was going to be out of town so we decided to have the celebration a little early. Leah decided that she wanted Red Robin for dinner, so when she was done with school we picked up Amanda (Leah's old roommate and friend) and headed over there, Brea met us there. We had some super delicious/yummy food and then Leah, Amanda, and I headed back to my place where Leah started her laundry (I wish that I had taken a picture of it, she brought a basket and 4 garbage sacks full of dirty clothes to wash). Krystle also stopped by for awhile and had some cupcakes with us (which I found out later that Leah had stollen? one while I was taking a nap) before leaving to go Salsa dancing with some friends.

Krystle with her super cute hair and Leah, the artist/birthday girl!

So I was a little jealous of Krystle going Salsa dancing later (she had asked if we wanted to go but Leah said no..she had too much laundry to do :D) so I did my own version of salsa dancing!

Krystle with her finished hair! (She was going Salsa dancing later)

"Oh NO" Brea's finger is poking Leah in the eye! (and this is how you know that we are too good of friends :D)

Another "Leah" face

Brea's yummy drink...raspberry lemonade I think?

We try to get pictures from all angles, but some don't come out so good :D

Leah and Amanda, you know that when Leah takes the camera you are bound to get some funny pictures.


Brea and I were on the other side of the table.

We told our waitor that it was Leah's birthday and asked if they did anything special, he told us that he might be able to arrange something and brought her out this amazing chocolate ice cream cake, there was so much...we all had some and we still didn't finish it all.

Leah and Amanda again, I say that this picture is a lot better (that would be because I took it, of course :D)

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