Thursday, May 7, 2009

Libbey and Erick's 30th Bash

Jacob loves the happy birthday song, he was singing it all weekend long. Sunday night Libbey had lit all of these candles and Jacob wanted to blow them out, we sang happy birthday and then he blew them out. :D

Sunday afternoon Libbey, Jacob and I were outside when we looked up and saw two beautiful rainbows, I tried to take some good pictures of them. One of them was really cool because it went red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, green, blue, purple- it was almost like there were two rainbows over laying each other.

The birthday cake (carrot from Costco, what else would you expect with the Chuy familia?)

A cute picture of Libbey (where she knew I was taking the picture :D)

Kyle.."I will stare into your eyes.."

I believe current Bishop and his wife with the last Bishop of Libbey and Erick's ward.

Katrina found a bone in her meat and needed a little help from Aunt Sallee.

Ben digging in on the yummy food (it was so delicious, I can't wait till they make more!)

The "Mathews" table.

Libbey was awesome and made Italian sodas for everyone the whole time...strawberry was my favorite!

We were all excited because Becky was in town and she stopped by, so we got to see her and we all got to finally meet Aubrey!

There were many people there with kids and several of them noticed that their children were disappearing, with a little investigation we found them all in Jacob's room with Sonia.

This past month both Libbey and Erick turned 30! and so they decided to have a huge bash, it was so much fun with tons of yummy of food. Before the party began we were worried about rain but by the time the party started it was clear skies and it was gorgeous, so many people came to celebrate. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the dancing after the dinner, my camera died :(

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