Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

So Saturday afternoon I had the urge to make curry, but since I am still working on the making smaller quantities thing I had to invite a lot of people over. Before they left for a concert in Salt Lake my roommies had some dinner and then when they were done with school Leah and Brea came over for some food (Brea stopped and picked up Darrell on her way over). After we were done eating, the four of us were just sitting around talking when Brea decided that she wanted to wax Darrell's unibrow, and for some crazy reason Darrell agreed to let Leah do it. So we had a mini waxing party.

Leah-the waxer

Me- the innocent bystander (this would have been a pretty cute picture if not for the sunlight streaming through the blinds)

Brea and Darrell-the engaged couple. I think that this is a super cute picture, it would have been 100x better if they didn't both have wax between their eyes.

Leah putting the wax on Brea..this picture just looks really awkward to me, I am not sure why.

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