Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Overcoming Fear

One thing that I have to deal with often as a checker is selling alcohol to people and with that comes the responsibility of deciding whether someone has already been drinking and whether it is really ok to sell them beer. I have always had a great fear of having a confrontation with a customer if I refuse to sell them beer and so sadly when I have seen someone that I though questionable I would escape out of my check stand or let the manager refuse for me.
But last week that changed for me! A customer was walking towards my check stand and was looking a little tipsy, as he put the beer on the belt I picked it up and put it to the side and told him that I was sorry but that I would not be selling to him tonight. He started to mumble in Spanish and Gary (the night manager) walked up and said to him "no cerveza" (no beer) and took it for me and put it away. Gary came back and made sure that the guy was gone, Shanda told me that she would have done the samething and Gary told me that I should never feel nervous about it, there will never be a time when management asks me why I didn't sell someone beer.
Having them support my decision really helped and in the last week I have been able to refuse several people and feel really good about it, the latest was last night when this guy walked up to my check stand, his eyes were barely open and he didn't look like he was walking the most stable. I asked him if he had been drinking already and he mumbled something, so I told him that I would not be selling him beer tonight, he stood there and looked really confused for a minute, mumbled some more and then finally walked out of the store.
A customer who was in the check stand next by said to me, "you are really good at that" I am glad to know that I have overcome a fear and that with doing so I can stop people that could otherwise cause hurt to themselves and others.


  1. That's awesome Beth! I must say I was slightly confused when I checked your blog and the first thing I saw was a picture or a bunch of beer, but it makes sense now. You're amazing!!

  2. Beth, that is a good story! I love looking at your cute blog. even though i dont see you much it makes me feel like i still see you all the time! I hope all is well and keep up the good work at work.