Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paying Less at Payless

Friday was my day off and Mom and I were cleaning in the basement when I got a text from twitter saying 50% off EVERYTHING at Payless today thanks to Oprah! (thanks Jenna at That Wife), now you can't claim something like that without getting my attention, so of course I had to run upstairs to my computer and check it out, all I had to do was print off this coupon and then take it to Payless and I could get 50% off EVERYTHING! How awesome is that? We were already planning on going to town and that encouraged me to want to go to town even more. I found a super cute pair of brown shoes that I am pretty much in LOVE with!, a couple pairs of socks, a pair of gloves, and my Mom bought a couple pair of socks too. Between Mom and I (and another lady that I let jump on the coupon with us) we had over $70 and then ended up only spending $30-something, what an awesome deal! Thanks Oprah and Jenna! Who would ever thought that Oprah would help me when I don't even watch her show :D

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