Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shelter (Nov. 3)

The last past week we have had terrible storms here, that has been more rain drops then I wish to count, lightning illuminating the sky, thunder rocking the soul, wind pushing you like a kite around the sky, there was even a tornado in Lincoln City, waves splashing buildings on the other side of the road in Depoe Bay, and lightning striking the bridge in Waldport.
With these great storms I have come to appreciate the roof I have over my head, my house may not be the fanciest home in the world and it may not be the dirtiest either, but it offers protection and keeps me safe and warm from the weather storms and also the worldly storms that are going on outside. Whenever I am home there is no doubt that I am loved and am protected.

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  1. Wow, sounds like quite the storm. So... when I read the title to this post the first thing I thought of was this song by Sarah McLachlan called (you guessed it!), "Shelter". And I take every opportunity I can get to share beautiful music with my friends! Here's the link:

    Hope your day is great. You are amazing and a super friend - don't forget it. :)