Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flag Cheers

It's 11:38 and night and instead of getting ready for bed I'm going through stuff I brought from my Mom's house in Lehi. In between things I found these two funny pieces of papers. One of the papers had flag cheers...
At girls camp we would have opening flag and closing flag every day and for roll call it was your groups responsibility to come up with a cute little cheer. My year was quite well known for coming up with really good years, I generally tried to write every single one down but wasn't always good about it. Anyway these are from my 2nd year of camp :D

(Sung to Take Me Out to a Ball Game)
Take me out to Camp Alpine.
Take me out with my friends.
Buy me capris and a 1 piece suit.
For my heart sister I've got great loot.
For it's root, root, for the tent Moms.
If they don't sleep it's a shame.
For it's hiking, swimming, and certification
at Camp Alpine!

(Sung to I Hope They Call Me on a Mission)
I hope I find a missionary.
When I have grown a foot or two.
I hope by then I will be ready.
To live, and serve, and work as happy couples do.

I hope that he will be really handsome.
And always know to choose the right.
I want to be his perfect wife.
And serve through out his life.

My Mom she's hoping for grandchildren.
My Dad just hopes that he's employed.
I hope that he will be really dreamy.
And be my strong, and happy, every loving guy.

(Sung to Book of Mormon Stories---I apologize, this one doesn't really make that much sense anymore, I'm sure it did at the time)
Book of Girls camp stories
Came from far across the land.
All about the YL's and their ozzy, oy, oy plans.
They didn't expect that the 2nd years would rule.
We are cool
And we Rule

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