Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Ol' Bicknell!

Several weeks ago Libbey asked me if I wanted to join her and Jacob on a "business trip," I would be going and watching Jacob while she was at work. It sounded fun for me and I didn't have any other responsibilities yet, so I said that I would join her. We headed past Provo to a small place called Bicknell, UT...for those who've always thought that Toledo was small you haven't seen anything yet until you've been to Bicknell. I believe that the whole county is smaller than Toledo, but I could be wrong.
We went up Tuesday afternoon, grabbed some dinner, went swimming, watched a movie and then went to bed.
Wednesday Libbey had to go to work, so we all ate breakfast together and then she headed out. Jacob and I went swimming for awhile but then he really wanted to go back to the room so that he could watch Aladdin again (he had watched it for the first time the night before and really wanted to watch it again). So we watched Aladdin and then it was time for lunch. We all went to a diner (where they serve black bean pie? Sounds disgusting to me!) and then we took Libbey back to the clinic where she was working.
I had read some about the Capitol Reef National Park, how it was supposed to be really beautiful and that you could even pick fresh fruit. I thought that it sounded pretty cool and so we headed up there (Jacob got even more excited when he was told that there might be some horses that he could feed).
We were about 3 minutes from the visitors center when I looked back and saw this:

It kind of had made me laugh because Libbey had thought that he should be tired but he wasn't acting like it, but the moment I was silent and stopped talking to him for a few minutes he zonked out. I finally found where you could pick the fruit, it wasn't free like the brochure had said it would be and you had to park and walk into where you picked the fruit- I didn't really want to leave Jacob in the car by himself so I decided to just drive around and take some pictures of the area before it was time to head back and pick up Libbey. What a gorgeous place...I wouldn't mind going back sometime and camping or staying in a log cabin.

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