Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spring Break

The 2nd piece of paper that I found has the title "What I Didn't Do During Spring Break." at the top, I'm sure that I wrote it for something and it goes along the lines of many other stories but it still made me laugh.

What I Didn't Do During Spring Break

"Hey Beth, how as your Spring Break? What did you do?"
"Well, my Spring Break was great but can we go with something that is not so traditional maybe like what I didn't do?"
"Okay Beth, what didn't you do during Spring Break?"
"Well, I didn't go visit my Grandma in Tibet."
"Why didn't you go visit your Grandma in Tibet?"
"O, for not big reason."
"I didn't go because my Grandma left Tibet."
"She left Tibet, why?"
"O, because of her house."
"Her house? What was wrong with it?"
"Not much besides it was burning."
"Okay, why was it burning?"
"It was burning because of my Uncle."
"You Uncle? What did he do?"
"Had the Russians bomb her house."
"Why did he do that?"
"Because he was mad at my Grandma."
"Why was he mad at your Grandma?"
"He was mad at her because my Grandma didn't send him any cookies at Christmas time."
"No cookies, how come?"
"Because my Grandma stayed with them during Christmas and made them lots of cookies."
"And that is why you didn't go visit your Grandma in Tibet?"
"Yet, and just like I said before there was no big reason why I didn't go visit my Grandma."

Ahh the super professional writing of when I was younger (not that I'm making many promises that it has improved much since).
I now bid adieu as I am going to bed, I hope to get back on the saddle as they say soon and start blogging and catching up on the many things that have happened in the last month plus. I miss the familiarity of blogging and the joy it brings, but for now I much go to bed.

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