Sunday, August 22, 2010

CD1 - Lunch

I will be labeling each post as C (for Cambodia) D (Day) # (For what day I am talking about) - Topic (what I am blogging about in this post). It will be too confusing if I label each as Cambodia---blah, blah so that is why I will be doing CD# -

We had assumed at the beginning that our group was going to be pretty big, because when we think tour groups we think lots of people with awesome clothes, big sunglasses, and huge old fashioned cameras. But we kept looking around the whole gate and couldn't find anyone with the same tag as us. Finally when we got off the airplane in Cambodia we stood to the side hoping that someone would come up to us, finally someone did, she introduced herself as Sophia and told us that there were only 5 of us in the group. We quickly found the other two girls and went inside to find our group leader. For some reason the other 3 seemed to have a lot of other paperwork that we had never been given, but it didn't seem to be too much of a concern of the group leader (oh something that we quickly discovered---he knew pretty much NO ENGLISH!!! They assumed that since we were coming from Taiwan that we must be Taiwanese and as such speak Chinese...WRONG! Luckily the 3 girls in the group knew enough English that we were comfortable for the trip).
After going through customs our first stop was lunch!
When we first sat down at the table this guy came around and put ice cubes in our cups for us if we wanted them...look at the size of the cubes! Then came the delicious food! They kept putting plate after plate of food onto the lazy Susan and boy were none of us complaining :D

Andrea after finishing (we didn't even eat a portion of the food!)
Look at that yumminess--you should be proud to know that I even ate fish at this lunch.
After lunch we all had to use the little girls room. I thought these signs were really cool and my Mom always likes to take the pictures of bathroom signs, so I took these for her :D

The sitting area in the hotel where we ate lunch. We were hoping that we were staying here but we ended up somewhere else that was just as nice.

They had these really pretty things all around the lobby and in the bathroom.

As there was only two stalls in the bathroom we had to take turns going to the bathroom, so what did we do while we waited our turn? Took pictures of course :D


  1. oh yum!!!! looks liie you had heaps of fun =] I cant wait to travel more.

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