Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cambodia--the Adventure!

Can you believe it's been almost two months since I went to Cambodia? And I haven't even begun to cover it (and believe me there is a lot of covering to do!)...ahhh!! But it starts now, I accidentally left my book with all of my journal notes at my Mom's house, so for now I'm just going to start adding pictures and then when I get the book I will add the journaling.

Do you see that TV? Do you see what the destination is? Yep, it's in CAMBODIA!! Like I totally went there :D
Look how happy we are despite having already been up for several hours and being a little nervous about finding our group.

Yeah we had already been awake for several hours by this time. I think we had to be at the airport by 6:30ish and had to leave an hour before that from the apartment where we were staying.
Our first glance at the airport! Isn't is beautiful?
Our airplane that we walked from...isn't that crazy that we had to walk inside from the airplane? There were only 3 gates in the airport.
So beautiful!
I so want to ride one of those! (and I do later :D)
Siem Reap International Airport! Welcome to CAMBODIA!
Really cool statue leaving the airport.
Andrea modeling the cool hat and scarfs that we got.
The strings on my hat were a little short so I didn't end up wearing it very often.
Really interesting detail though.

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