Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Door That Never Opened

All my growing up there were 7 different doorways that went off of our very short hallway...
1. My Mom's craft room
2. The Bathroom
3. My Parent's bedroom
4. Stairs going to the 3rd floor
5. Stairs going to the basement
6. Dining Room entrance
7. For those that have been to my house they might have trouble figuring out what #7 could possibly be, I've listed all of them. Ahh but you are wrong, on the wall between the hallway and living room there is a door! But this door had never been opened in my whole life due to the fact that we had bookshelves, desks, and a couple of other things in the way. When we had cleared everything away from the living room and hallway I was quite excited to open the door and I enjoyed showing people how you could now run in a circle around my house (which is why my Mom said it got shut in the first place, my older brother's Ben and Nathan would run in circles and it got annoying very fast so she stopped the problem). Before we left my Mom wanted to take a video of me running in a circle through the house, I apologize that it is sideways.

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