Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am sorry dear blog, I have been neglecting you and have not written in over a week. I have much to write about, and as my dear sister-in-law reminded me it is not fair of me to have made you endure a countdown till Riverdance and then not post anything about it. But unfortunately if I thought that I was already busy it has been nothing compared to this week, I am down to 4 days before I leave Taiwan and I have enough stuff to do to probably fill another month. Our Christmas program is this Saturday and there is still much to be done with costumes and practice and making CD's, plus Yuling wants all of our pictures that we have taken while we have been here; I also have had much packing to do and still more cleaning (and maybe a little more shopping ;D...never can get enough of that). But I think that I have finished most of my packing tonight (and guess what I still have a kg or two in each bag... YES!!), so hopefully tomorrow night when I have finished tutoring I will be able to start my long catch up of what has been going on for the past week.
I apologize again for this dreadful neglect, I pledge to TRY and do better.


P.S. Please be careful with all the extreme weather that is happening throughout the US (as for me, today I got burnt while out practicing the Christmas program!)

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  1. Hope all that shopping fits in your suitcase and apartment.