Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sad Day

Transfers are tomorrow :(
I had already planned on Sister Wood leaving (as she has finished her mission and will be returning home), I am happy for her but will miss her dearly.
Yesterday Natalie got a phone call from Sister Wood telling her that not only would Sister Wood be leaving on Monday but so would Sister Gong, I guess there are not enough Sisters and so they taking Sister missionaries out of the Hualien area. (I send out my apologies to the new interns who wont really have anyone to translate for them unless Stephanie does it). I am happy that I was able to know both Sister Wood and Sister Gong but will be sad to see them leave also.
Then this morning I walk into church and saw a new Elder, just newly arrived from America. I asked about it and found out that not only will we be losing Sister Wood and Sister Gong but we will also be losing a bunch of our Elders also... Elder Pendleton from our branch (he is training the new Elder and they will be going together), Elder Mao and the other Taiwanese Elder from the Hualien branch. It will be a very interesting last few weeks with all of these missionaries gone. I am happy that I was able to meet them all.


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