Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday I was way more than just tired and so slept through my alarm, I woke up about 20 minutes after church had started, I got up and quickly got dressed and headed over to church. I got there just as they were getting out of relief society.
In Sunday school we had a new teacher, it was kind of funny as she spent half of the class time having everyone introduce themselves (I personally think that she was just stalling for time). When it was my turn to introduce myself I stood up, said my name and then quickly sat back down, then she wanted to know where I was from, why I am in Taiwan, and what year I am in, in college (kind of strange question in my opinion). There was a lot of time spent on talking about the people, I don't really remember much of a lesson.
In Sacrament meeting it was the primary program and when we walked in all the children were already sitting down up on the stand. The opening song was "I am a Child of God," it was so fun having that song be the opening song and having the kids up on the stand because they all sang really loud and were actually participating in church. I really like how they did parts of the program here, they made the whole sacrament meeting about the kids, even the opening and closing prayers were offered by primary children. That is one part that I miss a little bit when being in a singles ward, you don't have primary programs. It was really neat to see all of these primary children singing their hearts out in Chinese to songs that just a couple of years ago I was singing my heart out in English. Towards the end of Sacrament meeting the kids were going a little insane (they didn't have any teachers up their with them- they do not divide into the traditional classes for primary I believe as their is only 30 kids max.).
After church was over there was a baptism for 4 kids. I know two of them: Jackie (Ariel's older brother) and Angel (Jimmy's older sister), I have seen the other two around church but do not really know them. It was kind of neat to see these kids get baptized, I don't think that I have really watched others get baptized since I was little, it is a cool experience to watch. Both Jackie and Angel had their dad's baptize them, one of the little girls I think had her dad or grandpa or someone baptize her and then Jackie's dad baptized the other little girl. It was funny when Jackie was baptized, his dad finished the prayer and then practically slammed down into the water, everyone thought it was funny, but I was a little concerned at what was going to happen when he baptized the little girl- but no worries he did it a lot gentler. Their baptizmal font is kind of cool, it has an entrance from both sides (from each bathroom), so when they entered the dad would enter the water first and then walk to other side and hold the hand of the little girl to help them into the water, I thought that it was very sweet and cool.
Once the baptizms were done there was lunch! It was super funny though because when I walked up to the table President Chen hadned me a bowl with sooo much rice and I was like ok I will just add a little bit of stuff on the top but when I walked up to that Jackie/Ariel's dad took my bowl and ladled some soup stuff onto my rice, but rather than be a small ladle it was like the size of bowl! and so my rice was swimming in this stuff (and I didn't like it very much). Lucky for me Sister Wood was there, so she, Natalie, and Sister Gong helped me finish it up.
Here are some pictures from the baptizm that Natalie took last week. Enjoy!


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