Sunday, March 14, 2010

Electronics Department

So in case I haven't told you, we've been talking about shopping lately in our afternoon classes, this will be our 3rd week to be exact. Andrea and I are both realizing that when you have to talk about shopping for 3 weeks in a row you start to not like shopping as much. Our first week we were talking about "grocery store and 7-Eleven" and last week were talking about "mall and department store" and this (our final week) we are talking about shopping in general. Last week for one of my classes I talked about the electronics department and we got to use different things that you might buy in the electronics department (flashlight, tv, hairdryer (they loved that!), cd player, etc.). I brought my camera and let them each take a picture, in my first class there really seemed to be a theme to the pictures they were taking...

...are you beginning to get the picture?

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