Friday, March 5, 2010

Standing Guard

Wednesday in my middle class we were talking about being grateful and remembering to say "thank you" to those that help us, give something to us, or just do something in general. Because I figured that 30 minutes of just me saying "we need to say thank you" might be a little boring I tried to think of a way to practice using that skill but also make it interesting, so I brought a 4-5 plastic balls with me. We began by sitting in a circle and passing one ball around, when someone gave us a ball we would say "thank you" and then pass it to the next person. The 3 year olds it was a struggle to even understand that part, but the 4 year olds we were able to add more balls and roll them to different people across the circle (they were supposed to continue remembering the thank you part though they weren't always the best at it).
With the 5 year olds it began the same as the other two classes, but some where in the middle it all changed :D We went from the rolling the balls across the circle to two different teams across the room from each other, to me on one team and everyone else against me. That was fine I had no problem with that, but all of a sudden they weren't rolling the balls to me, they were counting to 3 and throwing them at me at the same time (for some reason all the ages enjoy throwing things at me). I was sitting on the ground and just hiding my head between my legs the first couple of times and then I looked up and Kevin (one who prides himself on being very "boy," you know the type) was standing in front of me with his arms spread wide to protect me from the balls that were flying at me from the other side of the room. Soon more and more of the 5 year olds were gathered in front of me protecting me from the other group...I was quite touched that they felt the need to protect me and I thought it was funny too, after I excused them to go to lunch I just lay on the ground laughing.

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