Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Clinic

I went to a free clinic a couple of weeks ago (read: MISTAKE). I had a little while before I had tutoring so I figured that I would offer myself test body. There was a large group of highly trained specialists, the best in their field. It included a lot of poking, prodding, injections (I think that I might have been given a lot of botox...which would be what I get for going to the doctor by myself when I don't speak the language :D), they listened to my heartbeat (among other things) many times over. As one doctor was beginning to finish up their testing (IE: lose interest) another doctor would come over and start their tests. All in all this visit was over an hour long. Every time I would try to sit-up, I would be told "no you can't wake-up" and then be pushed back down onto the floor. Who knew that 3, 4, and 5 year olds could be specialists...or at least they seemed to think that they knew what they were doing :D.

(Sorry I couldn't figure out how to rotate the pictures)

I can't remember all of my "doctors" but I know that some were: Jimmy, Judy, Peggy, Yoggy, Jeremy, Wendy, Iris, and Annie

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