Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gardner Village

A couple of weeks ago both Libbey and Sonia had mentioned that they wanted to take the kids to Gardner Village to see the witches on display and look at the shops. We had arranged a day to go but sadly little Lexie's schedule was all mixed up so Libbey and the kids weren't able to join us. I rode the bus and Sonia picked me up and we headed to Gardner Village.
This was my first time ever going there, it looked like a really fun place but as it was a Friday afternoon, there was no school, and it was hot I don't think it was as fun as it could have been...Mom and I want to go back sometime in the middle of the week and explore it again. I enjoyed being with the kids, we looked a couple of stores and had fun finding all the different witches that they had on display.

This was my favorite :D Who doesn't love a giant Halloween cake?
After being there for a couple of hours with Sonia and the kids they left and Mom, Aunt Linnette and Heidi came so we got to explore a little more. It was fun getting to know Aunt Linnette and Heidi better and to spend some more time with Mom. I enjoyed the day but was very tired by the time we went home, my feet hurt the most and were ready for a break.

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