Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zai Jian to Sister Peterson

On Wednesday my freshman roommate Erika entered the MTC here in Provo. She will be there for 12 weeks before going to TAIWAN!!!
She flew in early and Tuesday evening we had a good-bye get-together at another roommate, Chelsea's apartment. It was fun to be able to see Erika for a little while and get to talk to her a bit. I'm so excited for her that she is going on a mission and super duper excited that she is going to Taiwan.

Because I came at the end of the party and a lot of other people had already come and gone there wasn't lots of people in this picture but we decided to get as many 55th-ers as there was before the rest left. I love how close my ward is and that we continually gather in large groups and always want to take a picture of everyone that is there.

Erika and Chelsea

Katie and Erika, this guy in Chelsea's ward was super sweet and had written something around 6 pages of advice for Erika from his own experience on the mission. It was super sweet considering he didn't even know she spent sometime reading that after everyone else had left.

By the time everyone had left we realized that we were all very hungry, especially Erika who had been standing close to 3 hours talking with people and not eating we made a trip to In 'n' Out Burger, my first real experience there.

Chelsea, Katie, and David---obviously all very distracted by different things :D

When we dropped Erika and Chelsea back off at Chelsea's apartment there was much time taken with hugs before we could leave.

I'm so excited for Erika with the adventures that she is going to experience and that she has made this decision to devote her time to serve Heavenly Father. The people of Taiwan will be very blessed to have her serve them, she will bring a spirit and love that only she can.

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