Monday, April 20, 2009

Keyword Search

A couple of months ago at the suggestion of Kyle I added something called Google Analytics to my blog, it keeps track of who is coming to your blog, where they are coming from (country, internet provider and more), and how they found my blog. Once in awhile I will go and look at the searches section of the report, it provides what searches people put into their search bars to find me, some of them are pretty funny and I'm not quite sure they were led to me through them, but oh well..
  • my heart is yours quotes
  • dad baptism whites
  • formy heart to yours youtube
  • free download film indonesia (this is really the one I'm not sure why it came to my blog)
  • from my heart to yours karaoke
  • kazooisms
  • kids rhymes baby bumble bees
  • orem applebees karaoke
*Update..I hadn't seen all of them I guess*
  • "big love" mormon
  • "student at byu"
  • byu cougarettes
  • elder baptism blogs
  • from my heart to yours natalie
  • leila texts
  • taipei shopping trip
  • taiwan "scripture case" lds chinese
  • taiwan kaosiung mission
  • the leila texts

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