Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California

Does anyone watch the Miss USA pageant? Sadly I missed it, but this morning one my fellow bloggers posted about something that was said during the pageant, it involves Miss California and her standing up for what she believes and ultimately what I believe in also. I really like what That Wife had to saw about it and her feelings over it...(Original from That Wife Blog HERE)

How her heart must have leaped up into her throat when she realized that a very vocal, very popular, homosexual blogger was asking her that question.When I watched the video, I felt so proud. When you are on the opposite side of what the media views to be right, you are always in a tough spot.

Miss California is, in a way, a hero for me. Not because she answered the question exceedingly well (the term “opposite marriage” was quite the flub) but because she stood up in front of millions of people and demonstrated something we don’t see very often. Integrity. We spend hours and hours complaining to each other around election time that our public figures don’t follow up with their promises, and this is because they walk around only saying what they think we want to hear. Miss California states what she really believes (demonstrating that she would follow through with integrity and honor if selected to be Miss America), but because it is the opposite of what people want to hear she is attacked and penalized for it.

I believe the same way as Miss California. I too have attempted to stand up and voice my opinions in a public forum, and I have been personally attacked for doing so. In conversations with That Husband, a certain question has come up between us which I’ve never found the opportunity to voice, but I think now might be a good time to do so.

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