Thursday, April 2, 2009


Not everyone is always willing to admit it but we each have some TV shows that make it higher up in our list of favorites, sure we may not watch TV all that much but we still know certain shows and what's going on with them. I'm not any different, except I have no problem admitting that I like certain shows, I am a faithful watcher (through my computer that is) and am always excited to find out what will happen next week.

And you know, in case I still have any time left over after all of these other shows, there is always one of my favorites CSI: Miami!
So? What are your favorite shows?


  1. I've only heard of four of them and haven't watched any of them except Knight Rider back in the 80's. I see from a bit of googling that it isn't the same though. I'm 0 for 8.

  2. I watched some of Knight Rider at Aunt Ann's -- the 80s version. It's pretty good. The Office is the only one of those shows I watch regularly.