Friday, April 3, 2009


Well today was the Internship Showcase!! And despite having to get up at 6am (BOO!!), it was a lot of fun and I felt that our set-up was really good and we showed a lot of what was involved with our time in Taiwan (aka..not only working with the kids but our opportunities to travel, to spend time with the Sister Missionaries, volunteer at the local Tzu Chi college/university and other things we were able to do).
The time went pretty quickly and we had lots of fun, we were able to learn so much by looking at others booths and we had several people who seemed genuinely interested in the internship- they wrote down the information for the website and how to contact Yuling!!
Sadly though Natalie and I did not win :(...but we did find out when we were turning our stuff back in that we had been finalists for one of the bigger money prizes!! We're not exactly sure if that meant we were finalist of 75 or 2 but we still felt pretty good about ourselves and we have dubbed ourselves "the winners of the losers."
I don't have any pictures yet, but as soon as Natalie or Mom sends some to me I will post them (which means it could be awhile :D)
While there today we met a new friend, she was in the booth across the way from us and had worked last semester in an orphanage in was cool to hear about her experiences and a little neat to see some of the things that we had happen that were in common..if you want to read about her take of the day you can go here.

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