Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Night at the Clyde

Tonight was the last night for several people on the custodial/carpet crew at the Clyde Building so our boss Janene brought in pizza, pop, and ice cream and we got to chill together for an hour or so on our last night. I have a lot of fun with this crew and I will be sad that I wont be working with them anymore, though I am not too sad about the part that I will not have to be working on Friday nights any longer!

Yep this is what I do the majority of my card games! Don't worry though we only play while we are waiting for the chemical to sit (which is about 15+ minutes), I have gotten quite good at a few games through these last several weeks ;D

Sometimes we do, but not very often (Jake is spraying the chemical called stripper down on the stairs).

Brett setting up a card game.

This is Irina, she is not usually on our crew but she loves it when she can work with us because we play card games, she doesn't really like to have her picture taken though.

Cherish...I don't think that I caught her at a good time :D

Jenn (the adult one--who is not really on our crew, she is engaged to someone that is) playing with Layton, my bosses son.

Brett, about ready to die from hunger and waiting for the party to start.

Jenn and Jason..the engaged couple (less than a week!)

My bosses husband.

Jake..he will be sticking around so you will probably see more of him this summer.

Daniel, poor guy he had a job lined up for this summer but for some reason it feel through and he gets to continue working with us until he can find another job.

My boss Janene and her son Layton.

Irina--she is from Belarus (again she doesn't like to have her picture taken) and Natalia/Natasha--she is from Russia

Brett ate too much food (he will also be sticking around so you will most likely see more of him)

The engaged couple Jenn (on the left) and Jason (on the right--you know in case you couldn't tell :D)

Cherish! She's going to have an exciting summer, she is going to Alaska to drive day tour vans at a place where cruise ships dock.

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  1. Beth, small world! I'm pretty sure the engaged couple Jenn is Katie's roommate. She comes with us on our temple nights every once in a blue moon, that's so funny you know her too!