Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday

What a wild ride Black Friday was this year! I worked until 10pm on Thanksgiving night, came home and immediately took a shower, then Mom and I headed to bed. Friday morning we work up at 4, Mom showered and then we headed to Newport. Narrowed down just into a list this is what we did: Wal Mart, Fred Meyer, Staples, JC (for Breakfast :D), pause at home for bathroom break and check our e-mails really fast then headed to Corvallis/Albany where we went to: Michael's, Costco, the mall (Target, Bath and Body Works, and Rue21), Fred Meyer (in Corvallis), another craft store, WinCo, then back to Wal Mart in Newport and Staples again. We left at about 4:30am and finally got home at about 6:30pm!
What a day, we came home with soooo MUCH stuff and probably spent way too much money but it was a super fun day. Of course because we were gone so long I was exhuasted, we came and tried watching one of the movies that I bought, I fell asleep part way through it and got about 12 hours of sleep by the time I woke up- did feel much refreshed when I was done :D

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