Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Health Hazard

It's official! My backyard is a Health Hazard, we even have the sign to prove it :D A a couple of months ago the city came and did a smoke test thing that showed that something was wrong with our pluming. Many things have led to the discovery that our pipes are not leading to the main sewer line (which they are not completely sure where the main sewer line is-sad huh?) and that it is just dumping into the ground. DISGUSTING! They came and pumped a bunch of water into the ground hoping to figure out where it was leading but all that I could tell that happened was that the whole outside stunk and that I started gagging REALLY BAD! Hopefully tomorrow the problem solving will be begun and that we wont have problems for much longer, but as for now we are "officially" a health hazard (bet that you can't say that about yourself :D)

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