Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Yeah, Christmas is finally here and we have our first decoration up! Mom got out our advent calendar's this morning and we put red candles all around the house this afternoon, they have been burning since and then this evening we put up the Christmas tree. There are no garlands or ornaments on it yet, but I still think that it looks really pretty. I have come up with the idea that in our new house in Utah we will have two Christmas trees-one with white lights (for Mom-though I think that white lights are beautiful and classic) and another one with color lights (for me because I LOVE all the color). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! (for those that didn't know) and I am super excited to have the decorations beginning to come up.


  1. I solve that problem by putting white lights on the trees, and colored ones in the windows and in my plants.

    Yes, in my plants. :D